Monday, February 19, 2007

midnight chinatown action-- lelong*2=p

a group of us went down to chinatown after e new yr show=) i was pretty excited cos its e first time im at chinatown rite after e countdown(norm ill go a few days b4 new yr) it was like 230am n it was still ren shan ren hai lots n lots of ppl! cool! nv got to see this sight of singaporeans at this time still out n enjoying themselves=) we walked ard n ate n drank n shopped..drank coconut juice, bought german hotdogs, seaweed cuttlefish, curry fishballs, mineral water tt cost us $3 but sold for $1.50 few stalls away haha..i bought a piggy showercap for my mum, some new yr decorations, sparklers for my cousins, one pingan fu tt i like alot=) n one pot of flowers tt i bargained for $2..goodie!
most things were going on sale..bags of packet wasabi beans n healthy black beans were going for one plastic bag( fill up all u can) for $5..few stalls away e melon seed stall is doing e same thing too!(one goodie bag filled with packs of melon seeds n biscuits etc) for $5..b4 we left at abt 4, it was going 2 bags for $5=p haha got alittle worried tt e zhuan yun zhu we bought had quite a no. of leaves compared to others ppls' which didnt have a single leaf haha...n we were all teasing tt we had bought 'overgrown' ones..but i think its actually quite alrite la just tt the zhuan yun zhu had been kept for a longer period of time=p
at 330am e crowd was still going strong! incredible! abt 4am e rubbish trucks started to come n lights started to switch off n finally e crowds began thinning..but all in all it was so nice to be jostling with e crowd immersing in e new yr spirits!try it next yr if u r free=) go with yr family or a grp of frens..vv fun=)


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