Thursday, May 24, 2007

thank u thank u dearies!谢谢你们热烈的支持!=)

hello dear sweeties=) thanks so much for the overwhelming response for this sat's psc tickets!=)

im really very thankful and grateful for all yr wonderful support=) but alas, there are limited tickets that we could get so im so so sorry that some of you might not be able to go due to e first come first served basis=p

i would love to see all of u in the audience but its ok!ill have u guys in my heart when im singing and i personally dedicate the song tt ill be singing to all of u guys supporting me at home=) ill have all of u in my hearts=)thank u so much for supporting me=))

pls do check this website

to see if u have been given the tickets=) pls do confirm by 25th may(friday) 6pm if u are really attending=) cya guys on sat then!rem to cheer for me haha=)

pls dun despair if u r not able to attend this sat's recording cos ill have another event(star search roadshow=)) this sat at junction8 too! details are as goes:

Date: Sat May 26
Venue: Level 3, Junction 8, Top of the 8 (Bishan)
Time: 2pm
Artistes attending=): Chew Chor Meng, Ivy Lee, Vivian Lai, Yvonne Lim, Carole Lin, Brandon Wong, Ix Shen, Felicia Chin
Hosts:Joey Swee, Y.E.S 93.3FM DJ Siau Jia Hui

there is another event next sat 2nd june at bugis junction at ard 2 pm for i-weekly's 5ooth issue autograph session=) ill be there signing autographs on next week's i-weekly's issue of e 7 princesses!=) pls do attend if u happen to be free=) would love to see you guys present too!=)

so hopefully with all these outdoor events, ill have more chances to see all of u =)pls attend these events if u can!=)ill be super happy heehee...cheer for all of us yippee!=) love felicia-dwarfie=p



不过由于如门票的数量有限, 不是每个人到能索取门票=p 很抱歉让亲

爱的你们失望, 真的好想现场看到你们的到来和欢呼不过没关系! 我








另外一个户外活动=)我会在碧山第八站(bishan junction8) 与艺人



下个星期六(2nd june)下午两点我也会到bugis junction出席i周刊

500th issue签名会=)因为第500th issue是七公主的那一期=)所以


=p hehe...


=p meanwhile rest well dearies!goodnite sweet dreams=))

love 凤铃可爱(应该是可怜=p)的小矮人敬上hahahaha=p


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