Thursday, May 10, 2007

my last day with my no4*boohoo*=p

 was e last time i would be wearing my smart4 for this drama(bao jia wei guo)!=p i love it btw...n i may even get to keep it!yeah hehe....=p had a few scenes at khatib camp today n woah i tell u e sun was like really over our heads n shining harshly on us..hehe compare e foto taken for good morning sg(zao an ning hao) n fotos today hehe...=p
so today is e last day captain ouyang peipei wears her smart4 n have scenes with dear wenjing-aka captain poh(pinghui=p) in e campsites...btw, carolyn plays my best fren in this show!hehe she is such a sweetie n i last acted with her in the champion( rem wo ao you
now i know how to fold my smart4, tie my shoe/boot laces e 'army' way hehe..salute properly(at least better than my first day i did my zao xing=p), know some army lingo=p, n also most imptly, i see e importance of serving e army n ultimately e country n e pride involved=)hehe...v proud of our national service men n of course our soldiers who tirelessly protect us silently n with pride n honour=) captain ouyang peipei salutes to all hehe=p
love feliciachin=p


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