Monday, May 7, 2007

Yuan Dian=)

hihi everyone=) tmr will be e first episode of yuan dian!so excited to see it on screen in singapore=)

in the first part of e show, there will be a climax scene where yucheng( shaun) will hold me( shi ban mei) hostage with a knife at e rooftop, with tietou( lin yuzhong) trying to save me...e scene ends with me falling over e rooftop n hanging onto dear life with one hand on e ledge with both feet dangling over 30 storey high block(u can see how high is it in e last foto)..

i did this stunt myself so i was really dangled outside a 30 storey high block for nearly an measures were all taken but the feeling when i really do it is...hmm...terrifying...
pls DO NOT EVER try this cos lots of safety precautions were taken b4 i did this dangerous action...see e loose clothings i have..underneath there were safety harnesses with lots of cables attached where e stuntmen would pull n support me when i go over e ledge...

nonetheless, its tiring on e arms when i got dangled outside for a long period of time cos only my arms were supporting my whole weight whilst being so high up there...

do catch this action while u watch yuan dian from 7pm to 8 pm tmr(8th may) on channel8=)haha...we spent 2 days shooting this climatic scene on the rooftop but it will only be 15 mins on abt hard work rite=p so pls do catch it tmr nite at 7pm!;)

our producer is called you da zhi from hongkong n he is rather famous for his work in china n being a disciple of famed director du qifeng..n for this show yuan dian, we have alot of scenes on e rooftop n its really quite beautiful when we shoot at nite with e neon lights beside us n the lovely high towers of kl in e backgrd=)

still have lots of fotos to share with u guys=) will post them tmr=) be sure to visit this entry part2 tmr!=)

loving u alot..feliciachin;)hehe..


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