Sunday, April 29, 2007

whats in yr bag?=)

whats in yr bag?tts an interesting qn i posted to my director who peered at me with a smile haha...w/o asking me y, he opened his bag which he bought in bangkok( with old-school buckle=p) n showed me e details..i feel tt everyones bag has diff contents n sometimes we do have strange stuff tt others dun hv n they do reflect on our distinct personalites=)
in his bag, i found a small blue-striped towel n a neatly folded plastic sheet which is actually a deflated small neck support=)haha..u may wonder y he needed them..cos sometimes e distance of our outdoor shoot is pretty far from our company(esp camp sites we visit as far as changi) he would wrap the towel ard his face n have a nice little nap with a portable pillow on his neck=)not bad rite?
plus a 1.5l plastic bottle(hes health consicous...only plain water) satchet of tea given to him by jin jie( who is acting as my mum)...wet tissues..plastic plug so tt he can charge his camera just in extra battery for his camera...his camera which he brings everywhere he goes..he takes vv gd fotos=) alot of fo-zhu on his wrists=)
so what are the things tt r interesting in yr bag?u will be time mayb ill post pix of my bag=)


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