Friday, April 20, 2007

live firing in mandai!=)

hi everyone im back!=)today is friday=)how are u spending yr wonderful friday?=)=) for me, i just rented a couple of vcds n (hopefully)ill be able to just relax at home n enjoy e shows=)
did something pretty exciting few days ago!=) we were v kindly invited by mindef to experience live firing over at the mandai range=) it was so exciting! almost all of us( including our executive producer, producer, scheduler etcetc) went down n we had so much fun!
we used a pistol for firing n real bullets were used...but all safety measures were taken=)it was a vv wonderful experience...we went in groups of 5 so ruien, pinghui, nat, bryan n wenyong dage went first..whilst waiting, huifang jie bought us breakfast n i thot e bao looked so tempting=pp e carrot cake reminds me of those found in e canteen of bedok swimming pool...brings back childhood memories=p
anyway, haha..from where we were sitting, we could hear screams whenever e rounds were fired..hehe...u could guess where they came from=p next is our turn( pierre, myself, huifang jie, ix)..haha...when e instructor was firing, i screamed immediately=p i think my natural reaction is too quick for me to stifle=p so paiseh=p naturally all of them laughed at me=(( haha....then it came to our turn to fire..haha..we had to squeeze e 'handle' of e pistol b4 we cld pull e trigger...using my right eye to aim, i courageously pulled the trigger tell u e 'boom' sound n the recoil was so immediate tt i....ehem....screamed=ppp haha...n i did tt two more times..only my fourth n fifth shot did i not scream=p haha..but surprisingly, those first three shots were pretty good whilst e last 2 werent tt gd=p
all in all we had loads of fun n i really thank major chang, major audrey, wenwei, melvin, dag n all army personnel who made this experience possible for all of us=) we really had loads of fun!=) captain elaine u shd have been there!it wld be super fun=) miss u loads!
oh ya, major audrey!thanks for always taking care of my smart4 uniform=) i know u have to oversee everything but still, it always touches me how much u care for all of us in e little ways tt u portray=)thank u!=)
love feliciachin=)


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