Thursday, March 29, 2007

deeper understanding for army=)

filming these days have been so fun n enriching for me=)went to a few camps for filming n for once i really get to know more in depth abt e life my frens went thru during ns n now i have even greater respect for all who serves e army n help defend our country=)

love e smart4 uniform n i must say food in e cookhouse is really not bad=) well some of u may beg to differ but for a first timer like me i thot they taste pretty good..haha..e chicken rice we had tt day tasted pretty yummy!=)

while filming in camps, i got to meet some of my frens from softball too!such a wonderful surprise to see them=) everyday i get to learn more army terms, have first hand knowledge of their equipment n technology n take a peek into their daily life which i think is pretty cool=)few days ago me n rui en attended an armour display n we rode on a light strike vehicle!it was so fun!haha i cant help but stifle some of my screams=))like a mini roller coaster ride haha..e driver was laughing at me la!n i love this role that im doing cos u will see a diff side of me-more feminine, vocal and stern at times...more like a confident lady..i hope i do justice to e role!;)

watched phantom of e opera yest=) their costumes n sets were really grand n nice=)other artistes like pinghui, bryan, xiaoling jie, joanne, pierre, adrain, apple n biren jie were there too=) haha..bryan kept teasing me abt my army fotos!!haha...cos of my posture....made me laugh so much with his funny words=pp

tmr im going to camp again!actually im kinda looking forward to it=) will be speaking to a group of cadets abt some arty equipment...haha..*stress stress*...wish me well ya? cam has some prob so haven be able to take fotos=(( will fix it asap=)

have a great friday guys! love feliciachin;)


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