Sunday, March 25, 2007

ahhh!sunday is over!!!

blink of e eye...sunday is over://// haha i keep thinking today is a weekday cos i had work early in e morning at 7am so it didnt feel like a sunday to me=) had a few scenes today with bryan n pinghui=) see e bandaged arm?tts mine=p i was supposed to be injured in e show n luckily pinghui saved me from further harm=)then bryan came to e hospital to visit me n e story goes on....

had dinner with my frens my mum n his aunty cos its her birthday!lovely cake we had=) it was a simple celebration over jap buffet at tampines n i bought her chocolates(cos i know she likes them=)) shared a bag for her with my fren n bought her some pretty lovely flowers from city hall!=)i love small decorative flowers which i think look good on their own n they r as sweet as they look=) these are called sweet william according to e florist=) now u know what kind of flowers i like rite;) im glad his aunty likes them too=) think all girls love to receive flowers in their hearts though verbally they always say its a waste of money or" no need la!" haha...i know im one of them=p

love this picture i got today=)its an original print by mariann johansen-ellis=) e elephant atop e heart reminds me of a dear fren i have;)*ahem*hehe u know who u r=) i think yr love for ppl is unshakably strong n nothing-not even an elephants weight can waver it a single bit=)thanks for always being there for me-may it be e most unglam sight of me or e silly ooo-e sounds i make=) tts wat frens are for=) ill always be here for u too=)

to all dear frens(tts u reading it=)) may our hearts be always full of love n may it be loved too=) pls remember tt u r never alone n are truly loved=) at least by me=)=)=) hehe...goodnite dear frens!=) missing u dearly--feliciachin;)


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