Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hi all!

hello everyone how was yr day?well, i had a pretty long day today..had an imaging session for bao jia wei guo=) my first day of actual filming starts this thurs so im pretty excited n looking forward to it=) had dinner with some of PAs of this show n i missed e porridge at thomson plaza cos its sold out..hmm..we go eat next time k?hehe..

well sorrie for todays short entry cos i have to wake up early for an i-weekly shoot tmr!hehe....hopefully i can take some pix of my own too=) my cam has no batt already so these few days didnt take any fotos=p after tt im going to do some voice recordings too=) yeap yeap whole long day need lots of good rest so ill be a gd girl n sleep now=)

btw alot of u have been asking me who is raynn lee as written on yr emails=) its actually a name i liked when i was little so i still use it now=) pls dun think a weird person has sent u an email..its actually me=) n im so sorrie im trying v hard to reply all e emails ive received cos i dun have much time now tt filming is starting n i still have alot of mail to reply to!haha..but give me some time n ill reply them ok? thank u for being so understanding=) n if u feel a little disappointed tt yr pic was not uploaded in my blog, im so sorry i couldnt accommodate all pictures i received; but i still thank all who sent them to me cos every foto is dear to me n i really treasure everyone of them=) so to ice berg, dun be upset k!=)

just a last note: the road is never long between frens--i wish it would never end=)


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