Thursday, March 8, 2007

josiah dark

boo goes e litle girl
pink blue n green
pretty eyes one a slit
i always love to see her eat=)

shiny tears formed in e eye
full of pride
full of sigh
combi of both makes u wanna cry..

u r my dear fren
there to protect me
from guys from pain
from all e insanity

now u r out fighting yr own battle
i worry sometimes reading yr letter
r u as cheerful as u seemed to me
or something is brooding troubling underneath

confide in me my dear little piggy
roll in e mud i just want to hear silly
fun n all pure smiles aside
heart to heart we will unite

grow up we will
mature mayb
but nv forget
u r my great close buddy

roll roll roll alone
gently down e stream
u will not drown but u shouldnt hide
we will cruise n sail safely thru e nite=)


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