Saturday, March 3, 2007

oooo..exciting long day=)


 was e first day of filming for me=) i started on my new show called acting as an artillery instructor ranked captain in this show n beginning was really abit stressed haha nevertheless going to do my best=)...was at marina square today for an ace event..its like an army, airforce n navy recruitment drive n in the show im supposed to be oic for publicity( overall in charge) then pinghui comes along n surprise me=) thank u for all e help given to me esp all colonels, majors n of course wenwei ben david alvin n eileen..thank u so much=) hehe...was pretty fun portrying this role n well im going to brush up on my 'sud-ness' man haha..

took alot of fotos tog with other ppl as well=) actually i went for this army event last yr n two yrs ago too!i sang at suntec for their event last yr n i went down to their camp 2 yrs ago with vincent ng n qiyuwu=) so nv expected 2 yrs down e road tt ill actually act as a captain in charge of organizing this whole event=p thanks for all e lovely fotos!(to all e lovely ppl i met today thanks for yr smiles=))

today happened to be my producers bday!we bought a cake for her n sang her bday song=) shes a v nice producer with a v nice temper yet firm in wat she wants=) no wonder she is called wenrou rite do i look in e army uniform?i like it=)

after work at 7 pm i rushed to shoot for a variety show called the numbers game hosted by mark lee n quan yifeng=) joanne peh, zeng shimei, ivy lee n me were e contestants=) it was v fun!(i wore my red dress which u may find familiar hehe..i like it alot la=p) 1st round they will flash nos at fast speeds on e screen n ask us qns regarding e sum of e nos or wat was e smallest no etc etc..i got e highest score 800! n shimei got into e 2nd round where we had to guess 5 nos...high n e first no is 5 we had to guess whether e next no will be higher or lower..we had an initial pool of 500pts..hehe..guess e end im left with 50 haha...simei won=)she got 1000!hehe...but nonetheless its v fun!be sure to catch our ep its e 7th eps i think first ep starts next week=)

ooo..jingmei jie gave me a vv cute angbao today!she always gives v cute angbaos...

truly rewarding day with lots of fun smiles n fotos hehe=)) hugs n kisses...goodnight to all!=)))


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