Friday, March 2, 2007

hi all!=)=)=)

sorry to disappoint u guys but today was so busy i had no time to take fotos of my imaging=(( but no worries! tmr i am shooting a scene with taypinghui where i wear no3 so ill make sure i do take at least one foto ya?=pp today i went to cmpb with wenyong dage huifang jie pinghui n nat ho tog with all producers aps n even e executive producer in the late morn n learnt more abt e army n e scope of our positions played in e drama=) all e high ranked officers-majors, captains n mind boggling going to learn all e terms n ranks well man=) n i even got my ranger badge today!hehe..actually, its miniature badges la=p i even have e jungle confidence, combat skills n parachutist badge=p wow..imagine how it will be if im able to go thru all these..hmm...but must be real tough i really salute to all who went thru ns n more..its not easy;)

anyway in e drama im a captain in e artillery unit n is an artillery instructor n also oic for going to try my best anything u guys want me to take note or notice do send me a note or even better thru email hehe...wish me gd luck man!im sure it will be pretty fun n interesting=) really thank my superiors for giving me this chance to act in this role=) n wearing no3 n no4 really makes me feel v special..rare opportunity tt i relish=)
also wanna thank steph n grace for waiting for me at radiogate...sorry to keep u guys waiting!but may not be able to enjoy e cookie cos..well..gotta cut down on certain foods haha...gotta go sleep already!do come back tmr i promise to have more fotos;)goodnite!sleep tight=) hugss....felicia chin;)


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