Tuesday, March 6, 2007

happy things=)

send me fotos of things tt make u happy or smile!=)would love to compile some of them n post it as an entry in my blog=) pls send it to


thank u!=))

was thinking it will be really interesting to share with others wat r e things tt can make one smile..i think it really varies from person to person=) like for eg this pic: it reminds me of my childhood days when i will always put at least twenty cents a day into this moomoo piggy bank i had=)) whenever i shake it n it rattles heavily ill be v happy with my small little accomplishment esp when i empty it n collect all e coins n bank into my posb acc=) e amt might not be much but to me then, it was something i was proud of as a kid=) hehe..btw i got this foto from my frens blog=) was so happy when i saw this pic cos my mum threw my piggy bank away already=)

anyway, pls do help me fulfill this little dream of mine=) send me yr fotos or even poems or words or short stories tt make u smile or happy...lets make it our small little project tog shall we?;))

love felicia chin..=)


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