Sunday, March 11, 2007

happy part3=)

these are things tt make u smile when u look at them-may it be a piece of cake tt u n yr frens decorated, pretty food, handmade presents for yr loved ones or even a memorable little bear tt u have won=) thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures with me n i hope there r more of such little projects we can do tog next time!
for those who r puzzled by happy part 1-3 entries, its actually a little project tt i embarked...i wanted to compile pictures, stories or poems tt made one happy or smile=) i gave my email

to all of u n many responded with all these lovely fotos sharing with me stories behind them=) i had a really great time reading all of them n posting them up...though e process took some time but im glad i eventually came out with these 3 entries=) hope u guys like it as much as i did=)

fotos contributed by kelly, jaycie, amanda, zhiquan, mishelle, samantha, shiyu, joey and jiewang=)


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