Wednesday, March 21, 2007

daiso shopping plus surprise nite visit!

went to ps daiso today after work at ard 6pm=) have heard alot abt it but never had e time n chance to check this place out since alot of times its soooo crowded=) luckily today was quite okie=)oh my!!so many diff kinds of sweets!!hehe..just to update u guys tt im one who always have a bag of sweets with me=) i love to share nice sweets with others too!so seeing so many kinds of sweets made me quite(or shd i say very=p) excited n ended up buying *gasps* 9 diff flavours of sweets!there are lemon, peach, fruit candy, blueberry, raspberry, chinese quince flavour, apricot(tried b4 its yummy!!), menthol and chinese herbal throat candy..hehe...i just lovvee some of their packaging!so cute=) esp like e one with a little man with a smiley face=)tts e menthol flavour one its called--hana-nodo candy=) when i try all ill update u guys which r e ones i like e most=) i have a sweet tooth=) so its always handy to have sweets ard=) so next time when u see me, do ask me for a sweet!hehe ill gladly share them with u guys=) pass e sweetness ard rite;)
e pink bag of goody is strawberry flavoured caramel corn=)have u tried it b4?its super yummy!saw its packaging n thot of my fren jean=) thot it was pretty cute n i wanna cheer her up with this so i bought it 4 her=) as she is pia-ing for her final yr project, i went to newton n da-baoed food for her n pi so tt they can have nice food to recharge their v over worked brains=pp bought popiah carrot cake nice fish porridge chengtng n homemade apple orange carrot fruit juice!hehe...then sprung a surprise visit on them=) jean n pi i know u will be reading this so ganbette!u guys can make it=)n ill swim with might too haha...glad u guys like e food=)=) cant wait for 29th to come=)
hehe..did u catch e numbers game show?haha..i realised i really laughed alot but its cos i really enjoyed e show n it was really exciting exciting till i think i practically squealed on e show=pp

ok gtg!having a 'rescue' scene today where i have to save nat ho from e waters..haha wish me luck=p

love feliciachin;)


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