Friday, March 16, 2007


hi guys im back again=) yest i went down to passion to have a little perm to my hair(make it a little diff frm my prev hairstyle=p) then after tt i went down for 933 interview with chongqing n jiahui=) we had a blast!i was laughing e whole time cos they are such gd company n its real funny when they asked me wat car i may get next time n i said i just need something tt can 'dong' aka move..i think im a more practical person n i wont spend too much on a car..i even called him gandie(godfather) hehe...he is a great person=)still rem during my star search days chongqing came n met me n my fren at siglap to announce tt i got into e top12 in e sg finals for star search=)how time flies...

had second day of filming today=) todays scenes were all with taypinghui=) this is my second show acting with him-my v first drama( wu yan de ai-a drama abt sars) was with him too!pretty fun acting with him..charming person..we went to oriental plaza cinema for e first scene..i didnt even know there was a cinema there!its really old school-a term used by in e walls are carpetted n there are like just 18rows of seats like a mini cinema..interesting..second scene was at funan it mall where in e show i was looking for a war craft online trying to learn how to play it cos in e show im supposed to be pretty good at it..haha..any pointers?need to take up tennis n practise diving nicely(swee swee) into a pool too...haha...coaches needed!!but it will be interesting cos ive always loved watching tennis idol was pete sampras last time=))

finally met up with some of my frens who came back from australia=) welcome back derek n roy!i love gathering with frens as there is always this warm fuzzy cozy feeling where we can talk abt anything..tease each other abt stuff.. we even call ourselves e chillerz haha..junjia calista kelvin leslie we miss u!these super duper frens are from my sec school days...even extended to their respective partners too=) mum even came along for our gathering!

oh!e numbers game variety show ep which i guest starred in will be next weeks ep! do catch it next tues 20th march 8pm channel8!thank u n have a goodnite everyone=))

love feliciachin...


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