Sunday, March 18, 2007

its a lovely sunday!

happy sunday everyone!hope e morning has been bright n cheery=)well, do enjoy today or b4 u know it monday is here already hehe..

thanks for all e wonderful tags n i really tried to read all cos e tags r moving so fast some are like over b4 i got to read them=p (i think a few of u share e same sentiments rite=p) but nonetheless im feeling e love from all of u(yeah!!) n i thank u all for giving me so much encouragement all e time..(though sometimes my tagboard turns into a lelong sales princess n verycheap i hope u guys start paying me soon=pp haha..not v nice la so i hope u guys can bring yr advertisements to a website tt has more suitable advertising purposes..i hope u guys dun mind la ok? terimah kasih=))

i see alot of comments abt my new hairstyle..haha...thank u for noticing!( to nana im not sure wat perm it is but its curls are more random not e whole head kind=p)well im glad my hair is finally longer cos ive been keeping it short for quite a while n frankly speaking..ive never had long hair since i was a child!when i was in primary school, my hair was always in a bowl shape n whenever e hair touches my eyebrows n my bottom ear e hair goes n i end up looking v 'toot' again hehe..u can see in e photo how ive grown thru e yrs=) but i love how poor thing looking i look then some one always bully me like tt=pp *notice my fringe n sides of my hair never ever touches my eyebrow n bottom earlobe=p* the middle foto is my recent hairstyle..i loved how full my fringe looked like=) *nice*....=)

:) asked if i liked Fahrenheit..i think they r like so popular la!all e xioameimei love them...i think hua yang is quite a funny show=) good showmanship by all e actors n actresses=) n yes! i heard yuan dian aka the beginning- a drama i shot in malaysia with linyuzhong stella chung n shuanchen is going to be shown on channel8 this may!if im not wrong its most likely to be shown at 7pm starting 8th may=) n baojiaweiguo may be shown in e 2nd half of e year! u guys will see a diff side of me for both will be so fun!hehe..scar-ly u guys think ive some sort of spilt personality after viewing both shows=pp but i love both characters cos in yuan dian i turn from someone leading a v simple life trying to bring up my younger sis by selling someone bent on taking revenge on my father (*gasps*) by becoming an unscrupulous businesswoman...(*gaspsgasps!*)cant imagine rite=p in an army captain who fell in love with a guy(bryan wong) in sec school n still cant forget him even in my twenties...then love it one sided or is it something arranged by fate?

haha..sometimes i really wonder if such things actually happen in real life..i believe so cos in many unexpected things can happen...u can never say never..sounds serious hor..but i believe its true dun u think so..share with me some stories of yrs if u do agree with me=)

to ur supporter: ill try n post more fotos ok? hehe just that while at work i try to focus more on acting so i rarely bring my camera along=) but ill try n take more fotos in my free time=) i heard some ppl talking abt gathering wow!tt will be so cool la..haha..if it can be arranged ill love to attend=) hope it can be arranged=)* cross my fingers* to gladys thanks so much for being so enthusiastically supportive! but im sorrie i cant give u my no or address cos if i do, my mum will kill me haha...she loves her privacy u see=) but never mind..this blog address is like my second home in my heart so do 'visit' me more often k;)
thanks for all e wonderful recommendations of movies n shows...hua yang..vanilla sky with tom cruise rite?=)ill go check them out...n also abt e online gaming alot of u have emailed me giving me tips n also venn=) came in v useful!thanks!n some of u asked wats my email add, here it is again--

**im really a luckie duckie to have a dear fren like all of u=))**
enjoy yr sunday! love felicia....

to haa tanat qijia ji :) chann* lalas - androne kzy -weiting- bernicexD xiiaopiing joycelyn ruihan nana [d]olphin daphne gar(ce nanjianxie farlicia name ur supporter loner(kelly) darren :D shimei pamela SHONIAH (= gladys sean psychedelic huiyun jesrene venn* isabelle princess ... smiley vanessa felfan verycheap jerena JNIORqy jfoll jolyn hmm rank haihaolo fm maurice [z]hiquan kelvin kris sherman lee steph pamela denise haa s.s pekpek BerriinnCexD n to all for tagging=)love u guys!=))


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