Friday, March 23, 2007

filming filming=)

hihi=) sorrie i kind of disappeared for a few days cos i was bz filming couldnt come online=) but anyway, thanks for all e tags!hmm i kinda spot some of u asking me hows filming=) its good n e swimming scene with me saving nat was pretty fun cos it had been a long time since i swam n it really brought back fond memories when i had to dive into e pool n save nat...recently had a few scenes with bryan n we went to chinatown n e safra gym yest n today, we went to habourfront where we shot some of e office scenes=)
bryan is so much fun to be with n he always cracks me up with his jokes haha..its hard not to like such great company=) in e show im supposed to really like him..=)
well, one of e nites when i went jogging, passed by my ad at a bus stop haha....looking ard n seeing no one in sight, i quickly snap these 2 pictures haha..abit bhb u might say but i feel tt these fotos might be pretty good memories in five to ten yrs time dun u think=)hehe...kinda miss e short hair too=))but!!its ok=)we must always embrace e present n venture into e future with an open mind!past memories will always remain sweet in our hearts=)take care all of u!pls do enjoy yr weekend!ill be missing u guys=)))
*ps: e comps in e foto of my prev entry isnt mine=)they belong to my fren=)i was at her house rem?=))*
have a great sat n sun guys!take care=) love feliciachin=)


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