Tuesday, March 27, 2007

lalalala filming tog=)

pardon me if my entries are abit late cos these days have been busy filming n extra time will be used for reading scripts=) but ill still update whenever i can so pls do continue visiting this address=)
passed by this little snack shop today tt just reminds me of a childs snack heaven haha..like a modern mama shop=) rows n rows of goodies kids would drool at=) but as a kid, i was never allowed to eat these 'heaty' foods cos my mum didnt allow me to...even when i ate fried chicken my mum would peel away e skin..me n my sister could only stare at other kids munching away at e delicious crispy n oh so fragrant piece of chicken whilst we are only left with healthy white meat haha...but i thank my mum for taking such great care of us cos we grew up with good skin n good health=)
saw these colourful chairs at clarke quay=) was v attracted to their daring quirky usage of colours n i think it really makes e whole place v funky n in...would visit these places with my frens next time=) tell me abt yr experience there if u have freq e places ive mentioned=)
=) ill be watching phantom of e opera this wed nite!cant wait=) update u guys abt it asap too!alritey=)do sleep early guys=)goodnite! love feliciachin;)


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