Sunday, April 15, 2007

pictures i like=))

happy weekend dear frens!heres sharing some pictures tt i like with u guys!
1st one is a lovely framed foto given to me when i was filming baojiaweiguo=)i love it!thanks a million for e foto guys!in e backgrd is a SSPH1 primus an artillery weapon=)vv cool...n both my real name n my character's name-captain ouyang peipei is on e foto!=) great foto to share with my grandchildren next time tt ah-ma used to be from e army-for a short while hahahaha=p=p

2nd foto is of peipei eating sushi with bryan wongs character-wenzhong=)i look so demure n dainty lo=p tts bcos i have to eat n talk at e same time so cant take too big a mouthful=pif its real life, i would prob have finished tt piece of sushi in a gulp=p haha...v unglam rite=p

3rd foto is-.....well, a mini 'zi-lian' foto tt many of u do take of yrself at times rite=p this is taken after work..u do tt often too rite;)my lips are cracking!! must drink more water=/

4th foto is a mag ad of dkny..vv nice!!i like how effortless e model could carry off e look-like as if e clothes are layered on without giving much thot to it n e bag just slung on n cool shades to complete e look..vv chic n casual=)

last pic is one e took with liping jie n hanwei dage during e mediacorp chinese drama 25th year celebrations=)ill never forget aiyoyo laoshi n fang laoshi=) two such iconic n lovable n adored laoshi(teacher) roles tt i grew up watching=) i loved e simplicity of e stories which never fail to touch my heart=)--lao shi zao, tong xue men hao, wo men kai shi shang ke liao=)


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