Tuesday, April 3, 2007


hi guys!im back!thanks for patiently waiting for my entry!=) had a bz week this week but i had a v interesting n fun april fools day!=)

in e morning i went to visit my dad for qingming..after tt i went to my grandma's place for a small gathering with my relatives=) took e time to catch up with my cousins too=)hehe...all of them are so grown up already!waiting to go ns, or learning functions for a maths..time really flies...

in e evening, i went for a my fren's fren birthday=) her name is meiyi and she is 11 this year=) so honoured to be invited=)hehe met abt 20 of her other frens from school n they were so cute n shy!i signed autographs for them n took lots of fotos too!seeing e smiles n happiness on their face really made my day n im so glad i could make them happy too=) in the end, my fren was teasing me saying it was as if i was e birthday girl with e lovely cake n presents=p haha but nah!no one can take e shine from pretty meiyi n she was so nice to have invited me=) thanks lovely meiyi!love u=)

tell u guys a little secret=) ive always wished to have a nice birthday party when i was a child..with a big nice cake with a beautiful drawings on it n balloons n lots of my frens n pretty dresses=) but i never got to have tt cos i know my family couldnt afford it..so from e bottom of my heart, i thank meiyi n her lovely family for making this dream of mine come true 20 yrs on=)=)thanks for sharing yr lovely cake, frens, balloons, food and smiles with me=)

after e party, me n my dear fren jean were on our way home when we passed by this hot air balloon thingy at bugis!at e spur of e moment, we went over n excitedly bought our tickets=) only when e balloon started ascending did i realise how high up we were n my knees literally shook..haha..im was SO..scared!!like a scaredy cat!haha u can see my scared face in e pictures!had to force myself to smile for them!haha...i was like going:" i~~m ss~~o~O scar~~ed!!" haha brave jean went walking up n down saying.. the view so cool so cool..haha..only after 5 mins of warming up did i finally relaxed n grew braver!haha...but i must say its a real nice view up there=) u shd go try it=) after tt we went to try some desserts at ji di chi...e mango pomelo with grapefruit juice is most yummy=)

will be back with more army photos too!look out for them=)

last but not least...i really believe that true frens last forever..=)thanks for being such a great fren to me=)


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