Monday, April 16, 2007

mobtv n

whee~!haha....just checked out cos i did a video interview abt filming the drama yuan dian n it was loaded onto e website=) do check it out!there is an article abt e interview too=)
have been watching some eps of the champion( ren wo ao you) on mobtv too!really bring back memories=)haha...u may hardly recognize me cos i was so tanned then!=) so if u r free, do check out mobtv n
abt e fotos=) we were filming at a small neighbourhood in kl where i came across this little indian girl who was watching us film but was so shy to approach us=) i found her v adorable n decided to give her some bread n sweets tt i bought=)(shes holding in her hand) she slowly opened up to me n even went to get her brother on wheelchair to come meet me=)was v touched by her actions n she made my day=)
e other little kids were cycling nearby n seeing me use my digital camera, they got v curious n i decided to let them use it n take some shots of their own=)they were so excited!seeing their gleaming smiles on their faces, i realised life's little joys to us may mean so much more to others n its always a great feeling to share wat u have with others=) i was so happy with all these kids n insisted on taking a pic with them(they were all so shy!!)=)
filming in malaysia was really a fun experience n i got to know new frens from malaysia=) this shuai-ge in uniform is william san n he is a talented host actor n singer in malaysia=) though he acts as a slightly baddie role in the show, in real life hes really a v nice n sweet person=)
u see me hanging from a ledge?for this show, i did this stunt on my own..i was hung outside a 30 storey high building on e rooftop for nearly an hour n was really an experience..this scene will be shown in the first n last look out for tt=p u see e loose clothings i have on? inside im wearing safety harnesses n stuff like tt so i wore loose clothings to cover them n make them not so only form of support is a pole attached to e ledge n e ledge itself=p a no of stuntmen were holding on to the safety wires attached to me..looking back, i was pretty out for tt=p


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