Thursday, April 26, 2007


ouch!have been suffering from v dry lips these days which 'de-generated' to swollen pouty ultra sensitive lips which pains whenever i smile or make any movement to my upper n lower lips as they just crack badly with e slightest stretch=p so if u notice i have like swollen lips in some scenes in baojiaweiguo, pls do rem this entry=p

so just a word of caution to u guys=p if u find yr lips extremely dry, painful n starting to swell, pls see a doc asap!! i waited for a few days cos i thot it wasnt anything serious...well..bad decision=p its starting to heal now so...haha say byebye to unsightly lips! it was due to skin irritation.. some of my frens immediate reaction when they saw my lips was to ask "who did u kiss!hahahaha!"...i just roll my eyes at them followed by a loud "NOoooooo!!i didnt kiss anyone!!"=p...
its itchy again=p


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