Monday, April 23, 2007

health show sponsered by vitagen=)

hello everyone!how was yr monday? did u guys catch e podcast? did u like e story?hehe....if u think u have missed my part, dun worry!haha..cos my character is not out yet=p...mine is a small role but its interesting cos im acting as a 12 yr old little do catch e next ep tmr at e same time(935pm)..hope u wont be disappointed=p anyway i think weibin jie did a great job in scripting e whole story n i think its pretty interesting!so i hope u will continue listening to it!=) anyway, i really enjoyed recording for this cos its like acting-just tt we can only use our voice to act n allow e listeners to feel how we feel, imagine e actions we r doing n be drawn into e story=) its really incredible!i learnt to be more relaxed n just go with e feel...haha..=)u shd try it one day=)

im also involved in a health variety show tmr(24th april) on channel8 1030pm..=) u will see me doing some exercise(including playing softball!) making a salad!ill also talk a little abt my health habits n lifestyle=) its a show hosted by xiangyun jie n sponsored by vitagen less sugar=) i am really happy to have a chance to share some of my daily habits with u guys so pls do catch it tmr nite!=)

goodnite everybody!n to dear jean who is having 2 exams tmr n being so stressed up!!do relax dear piggy!=)ill be here for u always=) want some zooland?=)



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