Sunday, May 6, 2007

bao jia wei guo=)

filming for baojiaweiguo is ending soon=p gonna miss this show=) ep, producers, aps, pas, crew etc etc n of course fellow actors n all our frenly army ppl n frens we have met n known due to filming of this show=)
luckily we hve one last scene whereby all of us can get tog n film one last scene tog=) n what an appropriate occasion too! our wedding scene with 4 couples=) who will i end up with? pinghui or bryan?hmm..hehe...n we are welcoming u to come down for our wedding scene as part of our scene! if u r interested, do email aiwah
for more details!
shooting will be on 14th may=) do email her latest by tues 8th may=) would love to see u guys there=) as u guys will be part of e scene as well, attire wise would be a little more formal as its for a wedding scene=)
all these fotos r little memories of filming during our show=) i have more fotos to share but lets save it for my next few entries ok?=)hehe i have to catch my precious 40 winks=) gotta be on good morning singapore( zao an ning hao) tmr morning( 7th may)=p do catch it if u can!will be asked abt filming of yuan dian n other stuff abt work etc hehe...its@815am n repeated at 945am=) alrite then goodnite guys!=)
love hugs n kisses...feliciachin aka shi ban mei=p


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