Tuesday, May 8, 2007

memories of 2006 yuan dian( the beginning)=P

i remember=) e fond memories.....for the three months...i rem e apples i share with yuzhong n shaun in e morn for breakfast...e scars from my yet-recovered chicken pox marks tt hody n kk(our v much loved makeup artistes)have to help me cover up every morn till they finally recovered one month later...
e ever changing hairdo i have for this show..3 in total=) ( tied up, straight n curled at e back)signifying 3 stages of jianings my characters life development, once mixing them up so i ended having straight hair whilst im supposed to have it curled up=p, meeting yuzhongs v nice assistant zuo shou=) making new frens over there( thanks ah paul, chun hua, weiling, xueqing, heyi, yuzhong, stella,william n all fellow kind lovely actors=) all our lovely wonderful crew members, n producers, aps, pas, propsmen, wardrobe lovely frens n drivers!
meeting e poor ppl from a remote part of kl where we were filming stella's home in e show=) e kids were so adorable n i rem giving them sweets n chocolates n bread tt i had to them n they were so coyly shyly excited n accepted them=) they were so cute=)they were also so happy helping me use my camera taking fotos trying their skills cos they have nv seen a digital camera b4=p....sweet memories=)
having 2 massive bruises on both of my knees due to a scene whereby yuzhong threw me out of his dads wake=p....i landed on e grids of a sliding door n they were on my knees for almost 3 weeks...vv painful everyday use hardboiled egg n rub on them in e morn n nite=p...carrying n using an umbrella everywhere i went cos my pox scars couldnt be under constant sunshine or rain=p v auntie rite..n i bought so many handheld fans there cos there have so many diff kinds of cute cartoon designs over there=) i rem one tt i got tt was soooo cute n adorable=p..but its spoilt already...partly due to all our outdoor shoots tts y im always with a fan in case my makeup melts=p...
seeing all e beautiful scenes n backgrds in kl however remote e places are=) eating good food in kl though i cant eat most oily black stuff( esp e black noodles which r supposed to v good there=p) ..driving e bigbig lorry=p, visiting e old folks home there n taking time out to talk to the elderly folk there=) so glad to have e chance to at least chit chat with them=), reading their several copies of chn papers everyday(there have like at least 5 diff papers=p)...reading scripts in our hostel everynite after filming..travelling up n down kl everyday=) distances there are much longer compared to sg..but....its so much fun to do it in a grp=)
thanks for all e lovely memories everyone=)i miss u guys loads n hope to be able to work tog again in malaysia n singapore too!=) love feliciachin=)))))


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